Thing-A-Day #9 — Mochi Brownies

Today I finally made the Mochi Brownies I’d come across online, which sounded really good. The recipe was from justJENNrecipes. If you are familiar with mochi, you can probably imagine the texture is different from using regular flour. The bonus, though, is that these brownies are gluten-free!Mochi flour can be found in most Asian markets, and probably at large health food stores. Mochi is very popular in Japan, and has a distinct chewy texture. It is traditionally eaten at New Years, and every year apparently some elderly people die from choking on on mochi. Mochi flour does not have this danger, but it does add the distinct mochi chewy texture to the brownies, resulting in a more sponge-like brownie. If you have celiac disease and are craving the dense choclatey goodness of a traditional brownie, this might not satisfy. If you are looking for a safe alternative to a brownie, this is worth trying. The result is good.

I used a healthier sugar (evaporated cane juice/sucanat), and less chocolate chips. I think the amount called for in the recipe may have resulted in a more brownie-like brownie, so I may try it again with more chips. It would be worth experimenting to see how variations compliment/detract from the original recipe. It seems several people on Jenn’s site had used less sugar, added a bit of espresso or dark chocolate, etc. These are good, and I will definitely make them again. I think I might call them “Chocolate Spongelets” [Sponge-ies?] or “ChocoChewies”? [Brown-chis? Brochies? Mochinies?] instead. (^_^)
Or maybe just stick to Mochi Brownies…

Update: After they cooled completely, they are actually even more brownie-like. (^_^)


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