Thing-A-Day #13 — Mechanical Paper Shrimp

I’ve always enjoyed paper crafts of all kinds, and picked up Rob Ives’ book at a bargain section a while back. I never seemed to have the right combination of time, space, mood, and glue to actually make any of the projects (or perhaps, the real reason was that I didn’t want to “destroy” the project by doing it!). Anyway, I decided I’ve done too much digital the past few days, so I tackled one of Rob’s creations.It was more challenging than I expected, as the book mentioned following the image in some parts, yet did not actually have any reference image. I enjoy figuring things out, though it might have been easier if it had been daytime… A few folds seemed to be in the wrong order as well, but overall it was a good experience to make.Actually, my husband has been craving shrimp, so I decided to turn it into my Valentine for him. I added another shrimp, and filled the boat with love (hearts). (^_^)

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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