Thing-A-Day #18

I feel like I have a really long way to go with making nice-looking portraits, but it is important to try if I want to improve. The first person who saw it knew who I had been looking at when drawing this, so it must not be too incredibly horrible, but I don’t feel like I captured it the way I wanted. My self-portrait didn’t look much like me either, so you may understand why I usually draw critters or monsters. (^_^) Anyway, I am still experimenting with using vectors in a more painterly/layered way to build up shadows and depth. I think for a “doodle” this is successful.


3 thoughts on “Thing-A-Day #18

    • Thank you! I made it with the Inkpad app on my iPad. It’s basically digital finger painting. (^_^) It has a brush tool that lets you draw the shapes without really having to think about vectors.

      I learned from an artist who makes amazingly realistic portraits on his iPad to work in transparent layers and “build up” the color… I don’t really have the patience or training to do his kind of art, but I did get a lot from seeing how he worked.

      I like drawing on my iPad, because it’s so accessible and doesn’t require a mess of materials. There’s something about drawing directly on the screen… and there are so many different programs to suit different drawing styles. I draw any time I’m waiting somewhere since it is so easy to carry and whip out at moment’s notice…

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