Thing-A-Day #20

I guess I’m still focused on human beings for now… I have been feeling a little overwhelmed by “stuff” so I think the appeal of digital, which takes no physical space and doesn’t need to be filed or put away somewhere, is really strong. It gives me a sense of some huge uncluttered world which never needs to be dusted and remains bright and happy even if neglected… (^_^)

*** unrelated happy houseplant stories below ***

The neglected comment reminds me: I have experienced a second plant miracle now. One year I had a plant which completely died. I left it on the balcony and was putting off dealing with it (I have issues with putting soil in garbage)… Anyway TWO YEARS LATER, it came back to life! It was such a surprise! I wish I could have brought it back to the US with me, but gave it to a friend when I left.

So, back to plant #2, I have now experienced a second phoenix of the plant world. I got a dark leaf plant (can you tell I’m not much of a plant person?) at a store in Memphis, TN for Halloween. Of course I was interested in the almost black leaves and the cute orange pot, and didn’t really check on the care requirements (^_^”)… the store was dark, so dark was ok, right? Well, it actually needed a lot of sun, but once that was figured out, it was doing well by the window. It seemed to survive the move from Memphis to Chicago ok, too (and yes, it was in the moving truck in 115°F at Memphis). After a few months here, though, it suddenly fizzled. Again, I was just putting off dealing with it (I feel guilty as an all-too-often-plant-killer), but after five months of seemingly expired life status, I noticed a few days back that it has finally sent up new leaves!

I am so happy about it. \(^_^)/  It’s not as impressive as the two year hibernation, but faking death is a dangerous thing for a plant in an apartment!


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