Thing-A-Day #26

I like to “doodle” using an online app called Harmony made by “Mr. Doob” though in the recent past I had trouble getting it to save my work on my iPad. Today it was working fine again. It’s a procedural drawing tool, which sort of automates some aspect or pattern of the lines when you draw. It’s really fun to experiment with, and gave me insights into shading my work, but overall I just find it really fun to play around with. You can choose different “brushes” and thought it took me a long time to realize it, you can also vary the colors. There are apps which use this same technology, but I’ve always preferred Mr. Doob’s site for some reason. (^_^) Basically, I just start drawing and have no idea what it will become until some point along the way–even then it could change from what I think I am drawing…

Also, here’s a look at the work-in-progress I’ve been mentioning the last couple of days… it needs more detail, but I thought I’d share what it looks like now, so you can see that I really have been working on the mysterious Japanese Kite vector image. (^_^)


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