Thing-A-Day #27 — Playing with ArtRage on iPad

Today I felt like taking a break from vector art and doing something a little more “painterly” on my iPad, so I played around in ArtRage for a bit. It has some interesting “brushes” and you can definitely get some more paint-like textures.


3 thoughts on “Thing-A-Day #27 — Playing with ArtRage on iPad

    • I think you’d like it. I’m not that familiar with traditional brushes and what they do, but it looks like it’d be very user friendly to traditional painters. Some of the apps have confusing interfaces, but they all seem to be getting better over time.

      Most of this was done by virtually squeezing a tube of paint onto the canvas and then using the palette knife(?) tool. They can all be adjusted, too, but I’m usually slow to learn about all the adjustments. (^_^)

      Usually I just jump in and work with what’s there by default until I see someone explaining it or accidentally trigger the setting adjustments… Some of them work with styluses (stylii?) too [more like a Wacom/pen], but I find I do better with my fingers.

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