Socks the Cat

Black and White Cat with a Beanie
There is a Japanese illustrator who posts a cat blog for his cat Socks. It is very fun to see, and sometimes I get translations of the funny commentary as well. I suspect he draws many illustrations from his cat. I made this vector sketch while looking at one of his photos of Socks, wearing a melon hat.


2 thoughts on “Socks the Cat

  1. It’s the first time I have ever seen Ipad art or even heard the word “vector sketch.” I love the way it looks. And I wondered if you have a cat.

    • Thank you!

      “Vector sketch” may be my own word, as most vector artists go for very precise controlled looks… I feel I’m sketching with the tools more than traditional vector work, at least in this image. (^_^)

      Vectors use mathematical equations to create the lines, so images can be resized without losing any detail. The program I use lets me draw with a “brush” so it can feel more like sketching than the traditional way of creating with vectors (early vector art is all pretty simple, and usually very flat).

      There are a lot of iPad artists on Flickr (even iPhone artists—The New Yorker has published some issues where the cover was drawn on an iPhone! I can’t manage so well on such a tiny screen!). There’s a group called IAMDA (International Association of Mobile Digital Artists) that I belong to (and had a piece accepted in their juried online exhibit “The Unseen”.

      I don’t have a cat, but my husband loves them. I was more of a dog person until him. I had rabies shots as a child due to a (feral) farm cat. [Most of my pre-Japan cat experience involved trying to play with feral cats as a child, with resulting blood and tears.]

      My husband’s obsession with cats (and the friendly disposition of most cats in Japan) led me to get over my fear/discomfort.

      I did live in a neighborhood a few years ago with a cat that had no owner. I think he felt he owned the neighborhood, and would even walk into homes through dog doors and the like! He is very sweet, though, and eventually wins everyone over. (^_^)

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