Unusual Spring (& a very welcome gift)

It’s been strangely warm in Chicago this March. It was nearly 90°F last week, and it was still in the 70’s for part of today, after “cooling off”… I feel a little sad to not have had much snow. After living in Memphis, I was really looking forward to snow. (^_^)

I recently celebrated my birthday, and my husband gave me a new camera as my main gift. It was a really lovely present, and very welcome. I dropped my camera a few years back and at first it was wonky, but still worked… but, finally, it just stopped working altogether. It was the first time I went without a camera since I had been about 5 years old (not that I took the camera everywhere with me at that age). Of course I did still have the camera on my cell phone, but that could hardly compare to a DSLR! I feel a bit out of practice, but my new camera certainly has some interesting features—the one I’m most obsessed with at the moment is the “miniature effect” which lets you turn a “normal” scene into one that looks like a picture of a model/diorama.

This is my favorite "miniature effect" photo so far, which I took at Millenium Park.

There is still much to learn about this camera, but I am looking forward to it. At Easter I will practice portraits and try out the video features (if all goes according to plan).


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