Change & Reluctance

mirror to eliminate blindspot while driving

I’ve been thinking a lot about change and the reluctance to do things differently lately.
Sometimes it is difficult to stay positive, as it can seem the whole world is falling apart. I try to keep a positive attitude, but some days it can be a real challenge. Sometimes focusing on small things can help.

Some people hold tightly to a worldview that is very narrow. They are missing so many wonderful things about the world. I feel they are extreme, but we actually all hold on to some beliefs that are not sound. We develop habits. We accept that things are so, just “because” or “because that is how my family understood it”… Tradition is good, but it is not the “truth”… it is just a habit across generations. Some habits are very good to develop, but some are not the best for us.

For instance, I thought I knew how to use the dryer in our apartment. It annoyed me, because it seemed I had to go through three cycles to get the items dry. After my sister came to visit and brought order to the chaos in my kitchen, I started thinking about how some of my feelings about how to do things are more from habit than logic. It put me in a mood to try doing some things differently, and I tried the unfamiliar setting on the dryer. What a difference! I don’t know if it is actually a shorter drying time, but the dryer seems to sense if the clothes are damp on it’s own, and I no longer have to restart it to get them dry. This is useful!

The small anti-blind-spot mirror in the photo above is also a case of letting go of reluctance to change. I have seen them for years and wondered about them, but even so, as I had never experienced it personally, or noticed anyone in my life using it, I remained reluctant to attach this thing to the car… Finally logic prevailed. How silly is it to resist a $2 item, that eliminates a safety problem? It just took a minute, and now driving is less stressful.

I notice many of my false attachments are related to brands, or things I saw growing up. I also fall victim to some of the “greenwashing” scams in my hopes of doing something (easy) to make the world a better place. I am trying to think seriously about these things and learn to let go of the resistance I may feel to using something different, or doing something a different way. There is much joy to come from change. Of course not all change is good, certainly not always easy, but change is inevitable, with or without resistance…


One thought on “Change & Reluctance

  1. This hit me just right as i have been thinking of people who make drastic changes in their lives when they realize they had been going in the wrong direction. I can’t imagine the courage it would take to admit you were wrong in your central beliefs, leave it all behind and start again. Thanks for reminding me I can start by being more flexible about things small around me. As I grow older I want to be more open to new ways and accepting suggestions from other! Thanks!

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