Kinpira Gobo — Success!

There are several side dishes which are ever present in Japanese markets and supermarkets. Some of them were staples in my kitchen, though I never learned how to make them! It was always easy to pick up something on your way home, and while I did learn some good recipes from people in Japan, there were many things I wished I learned to make, but for whatever reason, never did. Kinpira Gobo was one of my favorite side dishes. I had never heard of gobo (nor “burdock root”) until I was in Japan. It is a kind of woody root, but it quickly became one of my favorites. I often used gobo in cooking, though I had never made this dish until tonight. Again, it is from Nami, of Just One Cookbook, whose Niku Jyaga came out perfect for me the other day.

I guess it’s been too long for me to do homemade Japanese cooking. My husband said I should make this when my mother-in-law visits!


2 thoughts on “Kinpira Gobo — Success!

  1. Thanks Cara! Gobo and lotus root are my favorite root veggies and I make kinpira with lotus root too. Since you mentioned about lotus root, I thought I should mention that. You can thinly slice lotus root (and then halved or quartered) and cook the same way. The crunchy texture is so addicting that it’s easy for me to finish the entire bowl. Glad you liked kinpira gobo! Thank you for linking back to me. 🙂

    • Ooh, I will definitely try that. I was wondering if it was the same thing (I am not sure I ever heard the name and usually shopped alone, but thought it was similar). I used to alternate between the two when I picked up side dishes at the market.

      Are there any tricks to using lotus root? I loved eating it, but never saw anyone preparing it, so was hesitant to try it. Every time I’ve been walking past them at the Japanese market I wonder if it isn’t simple and straightforward to prepare… I’m getting back into enjoying cooking again since I have new (to make), but familiar things to add to our menu. (^_^)

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